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SG-1 DI Water Spray Gun(DI워터건)
The PFA DI Water Spray Gun is suitable for use in high purity semiconductor applications.
The design utilizes a molded high purity PFA body with precision machined sealing areas. A one piece machined modified PTFE diaphragm/poppet provides excellent flexibility and long life. Wetted surfaces are PFA and modified PTFE thus eliminating the need for elastomer seals. The SG-1 is available with either 1/4?FNPT or 3/8?Parflare connections. Optional coiled hoses, with or without recirculation feature are also available.

- Features
?/B> One piece precision machined diaphragm/poppet
젨젨manufactured from the latest technology modified PTFE.
?/B> Provides over five times the flexural life as compared
젨젨to conventional PTFE.
?/B> Wiper seat for positive through flow shut off and
젨젨diaphragm to body seal.
?/B> Reversible/removable hanger.
?/B> Optional recirculation kit.

- Benefits
?/B> High cycle life.
?/B> Lower replacement costs.
?/B> Less downtime.
?/B> Allows hanging in either direction.
?/B> Provides low dead volume, purity maintaining circulation.

- Specifications
Materials of Construction :
젨쟙etted Surfaces - PFA, Modified PTFE
젨잾xternal Surfaces - PFA, PVDF, and PET handle retention screw.
젨쟏ther Materials - Stainless steel spring

Pressure Ranges :
젨? PSIG (0 bar) to 80 PSIG (5.5 bar)

Temperature Ranges :
젨잸mbient : 0?- 150캟 (-17?- 66캜)
젨쟂luid : 0?- 200캟 (-17?- 93캜)